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Private Hire

Arriva Italia – Green Pass requirement

Pursuant to D.L. n.172 of 26 November 2021, from 6 December 2021 to access all transport services operated by Arriva Veneto is required to be in possession of Green Pass.

The control for the verification of the possession by the travelers of the Green Pass “base” is carried out “to sample” from the subjects in charge.

Arriva Veneto Travel and Tourism

It’s the business sector dedicated to the organization of the private hire services with driver that collects the results of a decade of experience made of passion and professionalism to offer our customer a quality service today.

Why choose our service

Our service is used by leading companies in their sector to facilitate the movement of their employees or from schools of different degrees allowing ad hoc transport students.

To organise school buses for the transport of students from a school centre

To organise buses for the transport of company employees

To organize trips to tourist destinations

To organize group tours in Northern Italy

A reliable choice

The organizational structure is able to respond to every request, even the most demanding. Organizational and management standards based on compliance with safety standards for driving staff and passengers, ensure maximum professionalism and regularity in the provision of services dedicated to tourist mobility.

Guaranteed thanks to our coaches

Insured by drivers

Quotes tailored to your needs

Our service is distinguished

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